Symmetry’s PrecisionFactor ETF Portfolios are broadly diversified portfolios of exchange traded funds that offer exposure to domestic, international developed and emerging markets.  




Customized Portfolio Solutions

Symmetry’s PrecisionFactor ETF Portfolios are strategically allocated, broadly diversified portfolios comprised of exchange traded funds (ETFs). Globally diversified with respect to U.S., international developed and emerging markets, the PrecisionCore ETF Portfolios can serve as a standalone solution, or they can be paired with companion Factor Component Strategies including the U.S. PrecisionEquity ETF Portfolio, International PrecisionEquity ETF Portfolio, and PrecisionCore Bond ETF Portfolio (coming in Q4 2016), to achieve desired geographic exposures, or allocation to fixed income. Comprised of ETFs from industry-leading providers, the Portfolios offer targeted exposure to equity factors that include value, size, momentum, quality, and low volatility while providing the greater cost and tax efficiencies available with ETFs. The fixed income allocation seeks to enhance returns through exposure to the interest rate risk and credit factor premiums.


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