Symmetry Bond Portfolios

Symmetry Bond Portfolios offer a strategically allocated, intermediate fixed income solution designed for conservative investors.




A Choice of Conservative Solutions

Symmetry Bond Portfolios are stand-alone fixed income solutions designed for conservative investors. The Portfolios are made up of low cost mutual funds that invest in investment-grade fixed income securities with an average portfolio duration that is similar to that of the U.S. aggregate bond market. A currency-hedged international bond position seeks to enhance diversification, while an allocation to inflation-protected securities offers some protection against the effects of unexpected inflation. Rounding out the Portfolios are positions in intermediate-term government bonds, an asset class that has traditionally fared well during “flight to quality” events*. The tax-managed version of the Portfolio has a substantial allocation to a national municipal bond fund to provide federally tax-exempt income.


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*The Flight-to-Liquidity Premium in U.S. Treasury Bond Price." Journal of Business, 2004 The University of Chicago., vol. 77, no. 3.