20 Years of Putting Clients First

Two decades ago, we set out to build a better way to invest than Wall Street’s “flavor of the day.”

Our Vision

Symmetry Partners stands apart as a firm that creates innovative investment solutions engineered with unbiased and independent thinking. More than two decades ago, Symmetry’s founders set out to build an investment process built on academic research and empirical evidence, instead of the inconsistencies and inefficiencies of Wall Street’s conventional investment thinking. Our unique perspective continues to evolve, but its core remains the same — to do what is truly in the best interests of investors.


Our Growth

Because Symmetry doesn’t subscribe to the conventional wisdom of Wall Street, it’s important for us to partner with a select group of advisors who share our investment beliefs. We work with financial advisors who put their clients’ interests first. We believe this alignment of investment philosophy and practice has contributed to the significant growth in Symmetry’s assets under management.


Commoditizing Alpha

Symmetry Partners’ evolution over the last 20 years reflects our commitment to bringing the best findings from academia to the world of investing. Those findings that have offered insight into how investment outperformance can be systematized have informed Symmetry's unique investment process, which seeks to reduce costs and certain types of risks, while “commoditizing" sources of returns previously thought to be manager alpha.