Our Investment Process

Our approach to investing is not a game or a hunch; it’s a well-oiled machine.


Two decades ago, David Connelly and Patrick Sweeny set out to take the guesswork – and the drama – out of the investment process. With a team of highly qualified investment professionals, they designed a family of investment portfolios based on empirical evidence, academic research and realistic assumptions. This is how the Symmetry Engine was born, and that is how it continues to be fine-tuned to this day.


The Symmetry “Engine”

At Symmetry, we utilize a systematic process to put our research-driven, factor-focused investment approach into action.


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Symmetry Engine


Factors* are the foundation of Symmetry's investment strategy. We continually review the leading academic work on factors and select those we believe are well established sources of return in excess of the markets. We overweight the asset classes and securities that capture those factors while building portfolios with broad diversification, closely managed costs, transparency and liquidity.

*Factors are sources of expected returns. Please be advised that adding additional factors to a portfolio may not ensure increased return over a market weighted investment and may lead to under performance relative to the benchmark over the investor's time horizon. Symmetry Partners' investment approach seeks enhanced returns by overweighting assets that exhibit characteristics that tend to be in accordance with one or more "factors" identified in academic research as historically associated with higher returns. The factors Symmetry seeks to capture may change



At Symmetry Partners, we believe that the financial markets are highly efficient. We believe attempting to predict which geographic region, asset class, or security will be next year's winner — or loser — is impossible. We believe that broad diversification is key to attempting to match, and sometimes exceed market performance.

That is why we maintain positions across:

  • 15 Asset Classes
  • Approximately 8,500 to 12,000 Stocks
  • Equities in Approximately 50 Countries



Since financial solutions are constantly evolving, Symmetry Partners continually scans the marketplace for vehicles that allow us to put our theoretical portfolios into action. We utilize well-respected fund managers who can give us systematic access to the factors we are targeting while meeting our strict criteria for diversification, low cost and liquidity. Once fund managers have been identified, we continue to evaluate their performance relative to our strict parameters over time.

Symmetry Portfolios


Diversified — Symmetry believes broad diversification is one of the most effective ways to manage risk.

Process-Driven — Symmetry‚Äôs investment approach is built on logic and empirical evidence, rather than investment trends and fads.

Low Cost — Symmetry rigorously manages costs to preserve returns.

Tax-Efficient — Symmetry chooses funds managed to minimize taxes by carefully avoiding taxable events such as realized gains and dividends.

Liquid — Symmetry Portfolios consist of open end mutual funds and ETFs, which provide reliable daily liquidity to the investor.

Transparency — Symmetry is transparent both in explaining our investment philosophy and investment process.

*Diversification seeks to reduce volatility by spreading your investment dollars into various asset classes to add balance to your portfolio. Using this methodology, however, does not guarantee a profit or protection from loss in a declining market.

Behavioral Finance


Investors can be emotional. As stock prices fall, individual investors may feel anxious and sell their holdings. When prices go up, investors regain confidence and buy. In other words, they tend to sell low and buy high, which can result in considerable underperformance relative to the market.

Symmetry believes that one of the most important roles professional financial advisors fulfill is to help take the emotion out of investing and be a calming voice in uncertain times.

Symmetry portfolios represent a spectrum of risk levels so that the advisor can place clients into an appropriate portfolio for their risk tolerance.