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Investor Education

Symmetry believes that education is the foundation of a successful investment experience. Here you will find a number of investor resources to help empower you with insights and perspective.

Investor Brochure - Invested In Your Goals

Symmetry Partners: Invested in Your Goals

This six-panel brochure for investors details who Symmetry is, our distinctive Evidence-Based investment approach and solutions, our Investment Committee, and our unwavering commitment to Expertise with Integrity.

The Critical Role of a Financial Advisor

A piece that highlights the critical role of financial advisors, and how they bring value to the client relationship.

Poor Track Record for Active Managers

Active managers have historically had a hard time beating their benchmarks. This chart looks at how managers have fared over the last 15 years, including their average underperformance.

The Power of Diversification: Asset Class Returns

Helps explain the power of long-term diversification (as represented by the 60/40 stocks/bonds mix which provided more predictable returns over the last two decades vs. being in any one asset class.

Stay the Course

It's difficult to maintain a positive outlook when the media inundates us with stories of economic doom and gloom every day.

Educational Videos

Symmetry Partners - Invested in Your Goals

Symmetry Partners brings decades of experience and commitment to helping investors achieve their most important goals. We do this by drawing on extensive academic research — and Symmetry’s own — to engineer what we believe to be exceptional investment solutions. Watch this brief video to learn about our investment philosophy, and, the best-of-breed solutions we offer to investors.

The Power of Time

Watch this brief video to see how markets have historically rewarded: patience, diversification, and tilting towards factors of return. It’s just a matter of…time.

The World's Worst Market Timer

Bob is the world’s worst timer. Over the last five decades, Bob has invested his hard-earned money when markets were at all-time highs—right before major downturns. But he kept his money invested, and despite his terrible timing, saw his portfolio almost quintuple (hypothetical example). Learn why patience and staying invested (and working with a financial advisor) can make all the difference.

You can find more videos from Symmetry on our YouTube channel

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